Our Mission

The mission of PolyThinkers is to help people on the

'polymath spectrum', grow and market their extraordinary, diverse skill stacks, and to help the modern world utilize the under discovered power of Polymathic Mindset.

To further this mission,

we have set forth our core beliefs,

first principles, and group goals here:

As Modern (Aspiring) Polymaths,

we embrace the 'Renaissance belief'

that we should fully develop our abilities

and be able to do multiple disciplines well.

We aren’t just generalists:

we aim to be multi-specialists,

not singular specialists nor dilettantes.

We believe that Polymathy is

both a Mindset and a Lifestyle.

It’s a set of attitudes that

we can learn anything quickly,

to a high degree of proficiency –

a way of looking at the world as an

abundant place full of wonders to explore endlessly.

It’s also a lifestyle

NOT of "finding our niche"

but of inventing new niches by

combining our multi-mastery areas

into uniquely new combinations.

We are a modern

Reimagining of the Renaissance magic.

A modern Renaissance Revival.

Our Manifesto

What it means to be a Polymath

We believe in the well-rounded person who is adept in multiple fields.

It can be sciences, philosophy, education, psychology, magic, economics, business, persuasion, marketing, the arts: classical music, photography, writing, dance, architecture, technology, cooking, etc.

We believe that Polymaths are under-appreciated.

They are often ridiculed, misdiagnosed as ADHD, encouraged to specialize against their nature, and labeled as lacking potential or “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

We believe the world needs more

people with a wide range of skills and knowledge. Polymaths are rare. We’re on a mission to create more.

We believe that the rare Polymaths move the world forward.

They discover, integrate, and apply mankind’s increasing knowledge into useful principles, products, services, and enterprises. Without them, information would be isolated and fragmented. We are the inventors, the entrepreneurs, the innovators, the wild experimenters.

We believe in the power of the multidisciplinary approach.

We will not be boxed into just one field. We believe in the power of the Renaissance Man/Woman, who can thrive in many areas.

We believe that Polymaths are uniquely equipped to handle the chaos of the modern world.

The Information Age has brought us the Age of Overload, but also the tools to handle that overload. We master thinking, productivity, and collaboration tools in ways unique to Polymaths. 

We master a variety of cross-domain MindSkills™️

in the areas of Super-Learning, Critical Thinking, Problem-solving, Decision-Making, Emotional Mastery, People Skills, Visionary and Implementation Skills.

We are paradoxical.

We are creative and analytical at the same time. We are practical and imaginative at the same time. Serious while being funny. Rational while being passionate. We don’t bounce one ball; we juggle.

We leverage our efforts to maximize our effects.

We believe that we don’t have to know everything about a field to appreciate it and use it to further our ends. While we have high standards of excellence, we don’t always take things to completion because planting the seed or doing the pioneering work is often the most satisfying part for us.

We believe in The 80/20 rule,

doing 5x more at 80% than the specialists striving for 100%. We even take this rule to the extreme: 1-5% of the effort is responsible for ½ to ⅔ of the output. That means we can work magic with our pinky by doing the 1% that will have a gigantic impact.

We are the ones who create breakthroughs rather than incremental improvements.

We break things and build things. Even though we are dedicated to excellence, we often leave the refining and polishing to others. We believe in all-around mental fitness and the full development of our capacities. We are the decathlon players, not the individual record-holders in one individual sport. We’d rather have speed, agility, strength, AND endurance to a high degree rather than record-breaking performance in only one area.

We believe in super learning:

By mastering the fundamentals of multiple fields, we can do cross-field learning and problem-solving.

We are individualists

who realize the power of collaboration instead of competition.

We are dedicated to helping the Specialist world understand the power of Polymathy

so that we can work together. We are often regarded as braggarts because specialists, who don’t think we can know so much about many fields, think we are bragging. 

We believe in learning for learning’s sake.

We have an insatiable curiosity and frustration tolerance to pursue multiple fields, either at once or serially.

We thrive in chaos.

Because we have so many adaptable resources to call upon.

We are discovering how to harness the immense power of communities and teams of Polymaths.

We recognize that groups of Polymaths have repeatedly changed human history. (Socrates’ circle, The Florence/Medici Renaissance Artists & Scientists, The Continental Congress, The Manhattan Project, The Algonquin Roundtable, Disney, Xerox PARC, etc.),

We are exploring the idea that when Polymaths are brought together, chain reactions and knowledge explosions change the world.

We are proud to be Polymaths.

And we love to help other Polymaths receive the validation, recognition, and success they deserve.

By George Silverman & Samantha Postman

[Note from George: The following principles are my personal take on what it means to me to be a Polymath. I don’t presume to speak for all Polymaths. We are highly diverse and celebrate our differences. But I think most Polymaths in our community would agree with the following. If you agree with most of them, the PolyThinkers might serve you well.]

About Our Founders


is a collaborative journey between

Samantha Postman and Elhadj Chikhaoui,

who share a passion and vision for polymathy.

Samantha founded and

led the Medici Modern Polymaths,

a community that nurtured and expanded the concept of polymathy.

Elhadj approached polymathy

from a unique and complementary

perspective, exploring its potential and impact.

They met on X (Twitter)

and realized the synergy and

value of their combined efforts.


they created PolyThinkers,

a space that blends Samantha's

foundational work and Elhadj's enriching

contributions, and aims to elevate the world

of polymathy to Renaissance depths and heights.

Samantha Postman

Founder of PolyThinkers


5X Founder • Entrepreneur • Advisor • Creator

She's a

Life & Business Advisor,

Educator, Serial Entrepreneur (5x Founder), avid storyteller, global keynote speaker, YouTuber, blogger, CEO, CFO, Farmer, strategist, coach, photographer, previous tax expert, podcaster, farmer (wife) of over 29 years, and a proud mother of three thriving young adults!

Most recently, she’s been recognized as:

Silver Global Winner in Education & Knowledge

Was TEDx Scheduled Speaker (Sept 2021, canceled due to Covid)

Top 100 Thought Leaders to Follow

Top 40 Outstanding & Inspiring Community Leaders to Follow

Top 22 Experts to follow in 2022 on X Spaces (TwitterSpaces)

She went from a disadvantaged welfare kid to a 5x founder and more, leveraging her Bachelor in Business, mostly in Finance & Marketing, and an online Master's in Arts.

As the Founder and CEO of SmartArrow Inc.,

Samantha spearheads her own ideation, innovation, product development, and advisory company that fuels the growth of visionary ventures.

Additionally, she is the

Managing Partner and CFO of Prairie Land Farms Inc.,

where she contributes her expertise to a thriving commercial mixed-crop farm operation. Where she lives in Southern Alberta, Canada. Just 1.5 hours from the majestic Rocky Mountains.

Formally, she ran her own Finance Agency (advising on over 7,500 tax returns in a 20+ career). Additionally, in 2016, she consulted and set up success systems for 30 international humanitarian agents in Ecuador for 2 months.

Fun Fact: At 11, to evade bullies, she volunteered as an assistant librarian. Amidst the books, she unearthed captivating plays. She persuaded teachers' to transform classrooms into stages for her creative production.

More on her backstory:

See Samantha:
X (Twitter) (108K+ followers) • YouTubeLinkedInWebsite

Elhadj Chikhaoui

Co-Founder of PolyThinkers


Elhadj has a background in technology. He's obtained two Master’s degrees in computer science and information systems, the most recent one in 2020.

For the last few years, he's focusing on his entrepreneurial and founder interests. In true polymathic fashion, he's working on multiple ventures both online and offline.

Elhadj lives in Algiers, Algeria.

Fun Fact: He lived in the USA while earning his Masters of Science on the Fullbright Scholar Program.

He is a rock star speaker in English, Arabic & French, with proficiency in Spanish.

Follow Elhadj:

LinkedInX (Twitter)HackerNoon

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