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EP3: How to craft your polymathic identity and overcome common challenges w/ Paul Genberg

January 19, 20242 min read

Welcome to the latest episode of PolyThinkers! In this edition, our hosts engage in a thought-provoking discussion with Paul Genberg, a partner at BCG with a wide-ranging background in digital strategy and design. Together, they delve into the power of relationships and introductions for polymathic people, essential strategies for effective job interviews, and the evolving landscape of consulting and industrial design. From the nuances of consulting and software engineering to the impact of AI on work, Paul provides valuable insights and practical advice for navigating the modern workplace as a polymath. Join us as we explore the complexities of career progression, the importance of community, and the notion of finding one's "through line."

Plus, we delve into productivity tips and discuss the launch of the Polymath Reading List Toolkit. Don't miss out on this enriching exploration of polymathy and career success!


00:00 Realized generalist skills and value over specialization.

08:53 Parent-child relationships have evolved over 20 years.

14:50 Context and setting affect acceptance of polymaths.

21:21 Monetizing hobbies can take away the joy.

26:21 Diverse skills important for leadership and growth.

30:36 Embracing challenges, building knowledge for success.

34:28 Employers seek polymaths with diverse expertise.

41:10 Notion tracker for books with voice notes.

45:23 AI will take over basic tasks, enabling creativity.

49:34 Videographer shares productivity tips for managing life.

55:18 Typical career paths, early/mid career interview processes.

01:01:36 Diverse skills make ideal consultant with efficient productivity.

01:08:25 Expressed gratitude, seeks guidance on career positioning.

01:11:08 Discovering the personal through line in life.

01:20:10 Popularization of the throughline concept among speakers.

01:25:39 Exciting, empowering ideation process fosters community involvement.

01:29:10 Join us next week for an open stage.

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