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EP2: Are you a polymath? How to recognize and embrace your multipotentiality with Khayyam Wakil

January 15, 20241 min read

Welcome to Polythinkers! In this episode, join us as we explore the fascinating journey of Khayyam Wakil, a polymathic problem solver navigating the challenges of being a generalist in a specialized world. With insights on negotiation tactics, the power of joy, and the evolving business landscape, Khayyam's story promises to inspire and challenge your perceptions. Get ready for a captivating deep dive into the world of polymathic problem solving on Polythinkers!


00:00 Interactive space for audience interaction during podcast.

09:33 Framing vision, overcoming challenges as a polymathic.

15:04 Discovering personal uniqueness as a polymath.

20:12 Embracing polymathism, finding your unique through line.

25:42 Struggle with niche down for business success.

27:41 Summarize the text: Discussion on misunderstood gifted individuals.

35:57 Create unique joy-focused matrix for analysis.

41:12 Accountants' hourly rates vary based on tasks.

48:08 Pitch idea of combining marketing and technical development.

53:00 Fascinated by Hayam's newsletter creation process.

58:28 Access pinned tweet for free reading list.

01:04:50 Using a physiological trigger to stay motivated.

01:08:28 Repetition of a story with positive impact.

01:14:08 Challenging others and diffusing moral judgments.

01:17:05 Some excel at listening, regardless of profession.

01:22:47 A 7-year journey challenges instant gratification.

01:31:23 Rescuing a couple from a snowstorm accident.

01:36:43 Woman earns 5 degrees, overcomes challenging environment.

01:37:57 Focus on self-provision, adapt to different environments.

01:46:03 Encourage journaling, taking action, and signing up.

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Samantha Postman & Elhadj Chikhaoui

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