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EP5: The Future of Work for the multi-disciplinary vs specialists w/ Adi Gaskell

February 07, 20242 min read

Welcome, esteemed PolyThinkers, to an enlightening episode centered on the imperative need for unlearning and the unyielding potential of polymathic thinking.

In this profound discussion, we delve into the intricate challenges of relinquishing deep-rooted beliefs and the indispensable value of multidisciplinary knowledge in our rapidly transforming landscape.

Our distinguished guest, Adi Geskell, intricately guides us through a compelling exploration of disruptive innovation, the struggle of defining oneself as a polymath, and the pivotal role of storytelling in simplifying intricate data.

We uncover the urgency of discarding obsolete knowledge, the far-reaching impact of AI on the future of work, and the invigorating force of embracing new experiences.

Join us as we unravel the compelling need for a paradigm shift towards a multidisciplinary approach, the ascendancy of skills over conventional credentials, and the essential duty of instilling a fervent love of learning in every individual.

This episode is poised to reignite your fervor for continuous advancement and endow you with profound insights to adapt and flourish as a polymathic thinker in today's intricate world.


00:00 Passionate about diverse topics, advising and researching.

09:20 Fragmented medical data challenges healthcare, data ownership.

12:51 Polymathic people prioritize long-term results, collaboration.

21:16 Adi discusses packaging and presenting oneself effectively.

23:01 Sustainability, innovation, and crystallized intelligence in work.

30:42 Passionate about genomics and AI research.

34:54 Discuss being polymathic in journalism, writing opportunities.

42:27 AI complements human skills for breakthroughs.

44:55 The future of work is polymathic.

49:29 Polymaths naturally love continuous learning and exploration.

56:59 Employers shifting away from university credentials, disrupting education.

01:03:52 Learn more at polythinkers.com and sign up.

01:05:47 Following the evidence, challenging prevailing narratives in employment.

01:11:24 Volunteer to network, gain experience, advance.

01:16:06 Polymath: connecting people with diverse expertise.

01:23:09 Holistic arts education brings personal and innovation.

01:27:32 Engaging in art and creativity amid daily life.

01:36:09 Networking and showcasing skills for job success.

01:42:40 Discussing multi-skilled polymathic qualities and attributes.

01:44:34 Encourage reflection on impactful moments for growth.

01:49:17 Grateful for your time, see you next week.

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