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EP1: Modern Renaissance Revival - Does the Future Belong To Polythinkers?

January 07, 20242 min read

Welcome to the PolyThinkers Podcast, where we explore the nuances of a multi-dimensional mindset and embrace the power of diverse talents.

In our first ever episode, we delve into the concept of a "through line" in navigating various disciplines and the significance of finding a common theme to converge interests, as well as the challenges of niche specialization in a world that demands adaptability.

Join us as we hear from Corey Koehler, who shares his career journey from mechanical drafting to Google Ads, highlighting the value of embracing diverse skill sets. We also engage with Dan Roeder, who advocates for the exploration of intersecting passions and discusses the significance of polymathic thinking. Julia Postman will also shares her journey as a fractional CFO in the agriculture industry.

Additionally, we explore the link between ADHD, focus, and creativity, discussing coping mechanisms and the potential impact of diet on neurodivergent conditions. Host Samantha Postman emphasizes the importance of public speaking and offers advice on embracing a polymathic self.

We delve into personal and professional experiences, share insightful stories, and highlight the superpowers of a polymathic mindset. Join us as we tackle the complexities and opportunities of navigating a multi-dimensional world in our latest episode of the PolyThinkers Podcast!


00:00 Panel for polymathic individuals discuss future-proofing strategies.

22:05 Passion led to diverse career opportunities in education.

29:31 Human mind tends to see events, patterns.

36:47 Fractional CFO role offers diversity and challenge.

52:56 Encouraging discovery, teaching, and mentorship in life.

58:28 Expert in teaching and mentoring, valuable experience.

01:08:13 Managing focus through discernment, tools, and techniques.

01:23:13 Realized better fit in 2nd position, happiness.

01:32:41 Eye contact connects people, virtual communication challenges.

01:46:59 Seek common theme to unify pursuits effectively.

01:52:36 Coping methods for information overload in life.

02:01:38 Samantha finds solace in entrepreneurial journey.

02:11:04 Join our diverse community, sign up now.

02:19:57 Close: Thanks for joining. See you next week.

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Samantha Postman & Elhadj Chikhaoui

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